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  • November Knit Goals

    I'm prone to being a scatterbrain, so I try to make a short list of things to accomplish each month (lest I have 27 different non matching socks).

    Same as last month: Sleep more. Study more. Knit more. Sleep more.

  • Sweater-a-Month 2008

    Cabled Hoodie: Cascade 220 - Needs seams

    Urban Aran

    Mariah: Ella Rae Classic


    Tubesque: Noro Garden + ???

    CeCe: Silky Wool

    Lucy in the Sky

    Rogue: Handspun - Needs seams

    Elizabeth Zimmermann's Bog Jacket

    Ribbi Cardi: Cotton Ease (Blue/White)

    Ruffled Surplice (spring 07 Interweave): Yard TBD

    Red Carpet Convertible

    Silk Corset Top: Alchemy Synchronicity

    Eyelet Rib Cardi (inspired by Spring 07 Interweave)

    Bella Paquita: Shelridge? Karabella? Sublime?

    A top down set in sleeve sweater (a la Barbara Walker)


    Vintage Pink (Raspberry) Cardigan - FINISHED!!

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Interweave Winter 2007

Posted by Amber on November 4, 2007

Hey look, Jennifer Garner became a model for Interweave!

I love the sleeve cap article – now I want to make something with set in sleeves, even though I prefer the seamless raglan/yoke/etc.

Refined Aran – I don’t like the pockets (I don’t like patch pockets on sweaters as a general rule – although I like angled pockets and kangaroo pouch pockets). I do really, really like the way the cable goes up the saddle on the sleeve, and the way the collar flips over. the cables down the front sort of bother me, I’m not sure if they were set wider or narrower (outside the bust, or in toward the button band) if they’d bother me less. Something to ponder.

Bonbon Pullover – Oh, I hate that neck. Scoop neck all the way. Other things I’m not fond of – the textured effect of the slip stitch colorwork. Not my personal taste (although I know at least one person who can’t do regular stranded work, and can only do slip-stitch work, so I’m sure she enjoys a pattern she doesn’t have to modify.

Brushed Lace Cardigan – A little reminiscent of a ripple afghan. I think I’m going to hold off judgment until I see it in other colors.

Selva Skirt – WTF? It looks moderately okay with the jacket on, but without, that top is just begging to highlight pudge. Clearly, it is only for the people who really, really *heart* their booty.

Henley Perfected – Perfected isn’t the word I would have used. Henley Revisited. Henley Updated. But it just doesn’t seem perfected to me. I like the turned hem at the bottom and the neckline. I think if the edge of the neck (where it currently doesn’t meet the button band) had a cute little mitered corner, and the button band were done as a turned hem as well (so it didn’t roll), then I’d totally call it Perfected. Not that I know how to do a button hole on a turned hem, mind you, but I want to figure it out, so I can have my own perfected sweater.

Sweater Girl Pullover – I like cables, but this strikes me as one of the sweaters I’d rather just buy. Plus, you can’t see any of the details the magazine mentions (like more frequent cable crosses making a tighter fit, or cables going up the body for a fashionable look). I know the sweater inspires you to think of an academic in the library, but couldn’t they have gone for “happy, preppy undergraduate hanging in the quad” or something where there’d be light?

Forest Forbes Pullover – So usually, I really want to knit Kathy Zimmerman’s designs because they look so wonderfully complex and interesting. This sweater makes me think the yarn has some sort of skin problem, with little boils. (And now you can’t unsee it!)

Bubble Cable Dolman – Does anyone actually wear dolmans anymore? They’re just so … batwing-y.

Colette Pullover – i know it has little kitty faces all over it. I like it anyway. Inexplicable, I know, but I like it. I’m also sure I could find a 7 st x 8 row repeating motif to sub in if I didn’t want to have a kitty sweater.

Puffed Wheat Pullover – So, I’d change the neckline (scoop or V), add the puff wheat to the sleeve, and make the sweater a cardigan, and love it a lot.

Citrus Yoke Pullover – I like the rolled edge, and the fact that I wouldn’t have to lengthen the torso (I’m 5’8″, and I like my sweaters to be about 15″ from armpit to edge. Do I have a freakishly long torso??) The gauge is ridiculously huge (3.4 st/inch), and the mock turtle neck looks terribly uncomfortable.

Celtic Tote – Cute, although I don’t use felted purses, so meh. But I like the idea of using embroidery to highlight a cable. And I like the way the cable decreases – much like the ones in Rogue – and I’m going to keep it in mind for possible future use.

Tilting Cable Socks – I can’t wait for someone else to knit these in a solid (really solid, not BMFA’s “shaded solids” that aren’t really so solid) so I can see what all the cables are doing.

Ivy League Vest – Another one that I look forward to seeing in Ravelry/Blogosphere done in half as many colors (I had mixed feelings about Venzia until I saw it in two colors – this is another one I think I’d enjoy in 2-4 colors, but not 6).

Subway Mittens – I kind of liked it when the pattern was available for a fee, and the money went to a charity.

Kilm GlovesThat’s a lot of colors. A lot.

Logan River Wrap – I like this. Not sure if I’m up to endurance scarf knitting, but I think I’d like this in a much, much thinner yarn as a scarf. Something blue. And with silk.

El Sol Pullover – It’s nice enough, but doesn’t strike my fancy. Probably because I have a tunic-y top all planned out in my head, and I like the vision in my head best (which is why I thought it up). This one has too much seed stitch for my anti seed stitch stance. It also looks like it’s about to fall off Not!Jen Garner’s shoulders.

Farrow Rib Cardigan – Another one I can’t explain, but with longer sleeves, a longer torso, and more buttons (smaller buttons, too, along with a smaller button band) I could totally see myself making this cardigan.

Ruched Shell – How does this thing make Not!Jen Garner look so pregnant? Weird. I don’t trust things that make the very thin models look pregnant.

Gathered Pullover – I didn’t at first, but now I sort of like this one. I can’t quite figure out why there’s a big line going over the middle of the model’s bust (her left side), but when (if) I figure it out, I’ll try to make sure mine doesn’t do that. I also wouldn’t knit this at such a loose gauge (loose gauges always seem to pill faster), so I’d probably find a silk or bamboo blend yarn to give it that fluidness.

Rosemary’s Swing Jacket – See, that “jacket” only has 3/4 length sleeves. The last time I could wear a “jacket” with such short sleeves, I was living in a place with an average winter low in the 40s. And even then, I only wore it when the temperature was in the 50s. This just isn’t very useful for me now. That and swing coats are another one of those things that I think would inspire people to ask me when I’m due. (Due to punch you in the nose, I say!)

Special Holiday Issue!

Last year I didn’t buy the holiday special issue because everything I wanted to make had been previously published in an issue I already owned. Not the case this year! All new patterns! Go IK!

Needle Felted Messenger Bag – I know, I just said I don’t like knit/felted bags. But this, oh, I like this. But I think I might like it more as like, a canvas messenger bag, with a branch stenciled on (rather than knit and felted). I know, that doesn’t really count as wanting to make this pattern, but I appreciate the inspiration.

Koolhaas Hat – Much love! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use some old Shelridge that I have sitting around, or my Oceanwinds merin, or buy something totally new, but I know I have to have this hat soon!

Qiviuk Webs Scarf – I’m not making the matching tam, and I doubt I’ll use qiviuk, but I really like the details on the end of that scarf. I bet I could get a narrow scarf out of one ball of Karabella Supermerino Fine.

Huckleberry Ascot – How did they manage to put TWO scarves I would like to make in a single issue?! I usually don’t even like ascots (I like the scarf hanging down under my coat to stop any chills slipping between the buttons), but I usually hate garter stitch and bobbles, but I’m inexplicably drawn to this.


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New Knitty! Yay!

Posted by Amber on September 16, 2007

This was a pretty fun issue!

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Interweave Fall 2007

Posted by Amber on August 3, 2007

Yay! My Interweave came today! A big improvement over Summer when it didn’t come until the last week in May (not that I have made anything. But still! I’m a subscriber, I should get it before the stores do!)

So this is another issue I don’t see myself making much from. Although the info on organic yarns was interesting.

Hedgerow Coat: I don’t like the way those garter stitch bars.  It’s all I see!  Also, I’d add button holes and buttons.  Silver ones I think.

Placed Cable Aran: I think I’d run the cables all the way down the sweater… I’m not a fan of purls just popping up out of no where.  And I’d do a folded over turtleneck instead of the cowl.

Dickinson Pullover:  I would love to knit this.  I’d never wear it, but I’d love to knit it.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t like heavy cabled sweaters, and that’s okay with me.  I do find them terribly fun to knit, however.  Of course, then I’d feel guilty about not finishing, because why finish a sweater I’d never wear?  But I’d still love to make it.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan: Must have.  I lusted over it way back in the day, and I’m lusting over it now, and I’m pawing through my stash to figure out what would work for it.  Or contemplating what I should buy (it calls for a yarn with alpaca.  No love for alpacas).

Tyrolean Stockings: I like the pattern, but not the thickness (6 spi).  I might figure out how to work at a smaller gauge.

Concentric Vest: Not a fan.  It seems short, and bulky without being warm.  I mean, there’s no closure, no sleeves, and looks like it cuts off right under the bust.  How often do you find your breasts, but not arms or waist to be chilly?!

Snowball hat: I have a soft spot in my heart for cabled hats.  But I didn’t really need a pattern for one.  I’d also eliminate the pompom, which makes it less snowball, and more plain old snow.

Tilted Duster:  Someone called this the giant purple vagina, and now I can’t see anything else.  I find the way it buttons on the side to be odd, like, I’d always be pulling it around myself to stay warm.  And most importantly: how is it not curling on that lower edge??

Minimalist Cardigan: That is a lot of moss stitch.  A lot.  And again, you’d have to pull it around yourself to stay warm.  Why no closures IK?  Why no closures?

Counterpane Pullover: Vogue Knitting has a pattern just like this in their 25th anniversary issue. It’s okay, but I’m not a fan of all that garter.  And the eyelets, the way they don’t go over her shoulder, but right through the shoulder.  That would bother me.

Nomad Hat and Scarf: A good way to make sure you don’t loose any part, I suppose.  I don’t really like the rounds of garter stitch.  Maybe if they zigzagged?

Cinnabar Pullover:  I wonder if I’d have liked the original sketches.  I’m not a fan of this one.  I think it’s the neckline, it’s the wrong size.  Not fitted like most crew necks, not open like a boatneck or cowl.  Just … meh.  But I like how the linen stitch doesn’t look so different from the stockinette, and keeps the cuffs from rolling.  I might use that myself somewhere.

Elfin Hat and Scarf Set: I’m pretty sure no one really wears hats like that.  And it doesn’t look like it would really curl, so why the ribbing on the ends of the scarf making it look all funky?

Leavened Raglan:  That’s an interesting stitch pattern.  I don’t know that I’d make the sweater, but it’s interesting.

Belle Cardigan: Jess with no blog really likes this.  I like the shape, just not the yarn or texture.  So I’m going to make Jolie by Kim Hargraves (Rowan Vintage Knits) since it has the same basic shape going on and let Jess have the Twinkle Chunky all to herself.

Luna Dress: I’m looking into my crystal ball…I see the year 2037… I see kids on the future version of the internet mocking this, no so unlike Threadbear or Stitchy McYarnpants.  Also, those are some damned puffy sleeves.  Does the model have some sort of wrist goiter she needs to hide?

Little Red Dress: See Luna Dress.  Two knit dresses in one issue.  The fuck, Eunny?

Cobblestone Pullover: If I were to make a sweater for a guy, I’m not sure I’d go with this one.  It’s not bad (love the side detail to break it up a little), and IK has published far worse men’s sweaters, it’s just… I don’t know.  Maybe I would make it for someone else.  Maybe I just don’t like it in brown.  Maybe someone will knit it in gray, and I’ll be like WOW!

Snowflake Socks:  At least they chose nice colors.  I’m going to go remove this from my ravelry queue.  Shepard Sport? Basically doubled for the colorwork? How would you get that into a shoe?!  Use a hat for intro to colorwork.

Sweetheart Vest: My hips are not the place where I’d want to draw attention with some colorwork.  I’d retinker it to be worked with sport weight yarn (along with not needing colorwork around my hips, I don’t need a 3.5 spi sweater).  I’d move the motif up around my bust, add some waist shaping, make the main color dark and then I think I’d like this.

Composed Mitts: An excellent way to use up bits of yarn.  Not an excellent way that I’d make or wear, but an excellent way to use up bits of yarn.

Mirepoix Bodice: I don’t like the bisecting nature of the way it is now, but I think with a V neck, and using the colorwork all over I’d really like this.  Which would be a lot of effort.  But I really think I’d like it.

Staff Projects (Socks): There’s none that catch my eye, but maybe when I start seeing them online with feet in them.

So the Tangled Yoke is a definite, and everything else is a meh. Of course, I’ve knit very few things from IK, even when there are issues I really like (Spring 2007!) so it isn’t that bad. On the other hand, it isn’t like how people shrug off Knitty and say “Well, you get what you pay for!” because I actually pay (I feel) a fair amount, and I want to want to make … more than half of the patterns, you know?

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Posted by Amber on June 22, 2007

So I got my Ravelry.com invite this morning.

Color me unimpressed.  It’s basically because I don’t use Flickr (and I don’t want to use Flickr, and you can’t make me use Flickr!), and without Flickr, you can’t upload pictures of your own projects and you can’t add a new yarn pictures (I’m aparently the first person on Ravelry to use Claudia Handpaint! I must find these other Claudia users.).  So the queue is the only fun thing to look at, because I can see other people’s pictures. 

Don’t get me wrong – I respect all the effort that went into the design and the coding, but the default views seem to be the “picture” pages, rather than the list view, and it just looks broken compared to other people

I’d probably be equally unimpressed if they were billing themselves as the greatest blog aggregator ever, but then only let you import blogs from Typepad.  Oh well.  Looks like the blog sidebars and an excel file will continue to be my main organization methods, at least until it’s out of beta.  A shame, after all the hype, too.  I was really looking forward to it.  And it’s still very fun to play with (my compulsive desire to make lists is very satisified), I just really like pictures.

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OMG! New Knitty!

Posted by Amber on June 12, 2007

Hip in Hemp – I usually don’t get knit skirts, but (shhhh!) I kind of like this one.  But doesn’t hemp get saggier and saggier as it wears?  Anyway, I think I’d do mine in two colors (like, white and blue) and alternate the stripes a bit (like, 3 blue, 3 white, 3 blue, 3 white, 6 blue, 3 white, 3 blue 6 white… and so on) just to make it a little different. 

Zinzin – Hey – Olga works at Stitch DC!  Yay for Olga!  I love all the shaping details, but would never in a million years be confident enough to wear this out of the house.  I needs my bra!  And what if a tie came loose?  However, adding a complete back with some ties over that to cinch it up – that I could get behind.  Think of the ties on Intolerable Cruelty. 

Coachella – Now that is an interesting construction for a top!  I don’t know that I could wear it (why are so many special bras needed for knit tops??), but I love the idea.  I like the drape in the front, but the more I look at the back, the more I think I’d like it as a halter top.  Not that I wear halter tops, but still. 

Askew – I um… I like the idea of the line and the slight asymmetry, I just don’t really need a shirt that points … there.    

Tangerine Twist – I kind of like this.  I think I’d do the collar a little different, and maybe do lace instead of garter to offset the cable.  And it would go straight down or have waist shaping, rather than taper (I think as is, it would really highlight my hips.  Now, I [heart] my hips as much as the next Shakira loving girl, but I don’t think a tapered shirt is the way to go about expressing my love for them). 

Sophie – This reminds me a lot of the old pattern The Cherries.  But with a higher neck and some detailing.   

‘Vog On  –  I like the pattern.  Not so much the cuff, but I really like the stitch pattern.  And the shoes.  Love the shoes.  Next time I’m in NYC I’m totally dragging my friends around to find the store that sells them so I can try them on.  As for the socks, I’d do a picot cuff rather than picot cast on.   

Coupling – Another stitch pattern I like.  Although I didn’t need to know about that survey. 

Breeze – And another stitch pattern I like! But I’d make the socks a little taller, for all seasons wear. 

Sweetpea – Another stitch pattern I like!  They’re everywhere in this issue.  But I’d just start with 60 stitches, and have a cleaner looking cuff.  I think I’m going to make these with some Claudia Handpaint I have at home. 

Unmentionables – I was going to be all snarky about knit pants, except that last winter when my heater went all wonky and I was always freezing, I’d think to myself “My wool hat is making my head warm.  And my wool socks are keeping my toes warm.  And my wool sweater is keeping my upper body warm.  And my wool mittens are keeping my hands warm.  And my ass is freezing.”  I doubt I’d use cotton fleece, but I won’t completely discount making the pants a little longer and having wool pants next winter.  But just for inside my house.  Not for cavorting outside. 

Wisp – Reminds me of Convertible but niftier.  I really like the cowl/smoke ring style.    

Prickly-girl – Sweetie, sit up straight.  You only have one back and you have to make it last!  Anyway, it’s not like I have a kid to knit for, but it’s still cute. 

Zodiac – If doctors say that the crib should be free of hazards during sleep, why does your kid have a stuffed lamb in there?  Also, I’ll bet money that this pattern causes a rukus among Attachment style parents who think it’s best for kids to sleep in bed with parents. 

Grow with me – Doesn’t the “baby” size just look like it doesn’t fit her?  Like, it will eat her in a minute?  I have my own hang ups with body image from wearing clothes that didn’t fit right when I was a kid (like, age 10, not age 1, but still) because I’d get these crazy growth spurts.  Here’s a good way to fix the problem of kids growing faster than you can knit: Don’t knit for them.  Or knit them toys.  Who doesn’t like toys?  Or knit a lot to improve your speed so that if it’s so important that you make them stuff, you can knit it in a size that fits and you can make it fairly quickly.  But just make it for the kid to wear for a while when she’s 2, and don’t try to adjust it to “fit” (it doesn’t) when she’s smaller. 

Grrr – Some people treat me like I’m not a real knitter because I don’t knit many household items (I’ve knit pillows, that’s it).  Everything else I make is a wearable (sweater, hat, mitten, sock). So if I had a kid and needed to make bath time exciting, I’d get them a Poof with a Toy Built In and call it a day (I had such a deprived childhood – I was expected to take a bath without a fight with just a washcloth and maybe 1 rubber ducky). 

Chapeau Marnier – Cute.  I usually prefer ribbing on my hats, but I could go for a bow.  Now, to spin a consistent fingering weight!   

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OMG! New Magknits!

Posted by Amber on May 1, 2007

Ada June – Cute. I hope magknits is still running if/when my friends have babies, so I can make this hat for them. (Print it out now? Feh!)

Brigid – I wish there were more views. But it looks like a good way to cut your teeth on some lace, if you don’t want to do a boring old rectangle.

Diamond Girl – Normally I’m not a fan of things that bisect my chest. But I inexplicably love this. I’m definitely going to de-puff the sleeves, and probably use ribbon instead of icord. Maybe have the quilting come down a touch more?

Friday – You know, the purl side is really pretty! I see myself with one of these (made longer) this winter. I love the little knubs!

Rivendell – I must have this hat! Did you see the picture of the top? What a perfect crown! Although, I might throw in a rib in those big sections of reverse stockinette, just to give it a bit more grip. Maybe.

Reduce Reuse Recycle – I’ve always wondered what the sag factor on a plastic-plastic bag would be. But cute still. [One time, I saw someone who was looking for places to buy colorful plastic bags, so she could cut them up and turn them into a ‘recycled’ plastic bag. And did not see how this was an afront to the idea of the knit plastic bag as a way to reuse the bags.]

Zoe – Huh, that looks a lot smaller than the dimensions given. I’m not a purse user, and the I think the ruffle needs twice as many ruffles (making it look fuller. And to point down a little more.

Overall, I think this is one of the better issues they’ve had in a while!

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Spring 2007 Knitty

Posted by Amber on March 8, 2007

Bmp – I didn’t have video games growing up, so the retro thing doesn’t make me all nostalgic. It seems a lot of other people like them, so that’s cool.

Carolyn – I read something once about always picking your buttons after you finish the sweater, because the button can make or break the whole thing. Here’s a fun example of breaking. Also – I think I want to say what the hell is going on with that collar, but I’m not sure since her hair is in the way. I’m also curious why it’s so baggy in weird places (check out the back shot). Is it just too long for her? (I refuse to believe it has waist shaping!)

Tahoe – I was going to say that I think I’d love this sweater with some waist shaping tossed in. Then I looked at the schematic and realized that would defeat the purpose of the sweater! Now, I like Cathay and I like Koigu, however, wouldn’t knitting at a gauge looser than the ball band suggests give you a fabric that is fluid and drapey for one day, and pilly and worn looking for the rest of the days?

Ribena – I like this. No weird arm warmers for me (but possibly longer sleeves). I love the shape of the ribs, and how they extend up. I think I’d want to drop the neckline a bit to. After making Durrow, however, I’m worried about my ability to seam a saddle shoulder correctly.

Torque – I like the idea of the asymmetrical cable, and love how it splits into the collar (okay, I know, I love it when cables flow into/out of other parts of the pattern in general). But that sweater looks like it’s going to eat those girls!

Isabella – You know what would have been fun? Consistent lighting in this photoshoot. Also, a clear, head on shot so I can see the whole thing. I wish the leaf thing continued all the way around the neck. Also, remember that old pattern Soliel? A lot of people had a hard time because the arm hole was so wide, and it was like peak-a-boob if you lifted your arm. The armholes on this sweater look exactly the same. If the armhole was just a little smaller, it would be awesome to wear under a blazer to work, and then ditch the blazer in the car and head immediately out for a night out with friends.

Ester – I know you’re sad that your friend died and all, but I’m sure she’d still want you to get some natural sunlight. And to smile if you’re going to be out on the internet! [Amber’s Handbasket Tours to Hell leave every hour on the hour. Reserve your space now!] Now, I love deconstructing things that are, or could be, hand knit. However, I prefer my clothes fit properly and are flattering. So I’ll stick with 2×2 ribbing that flows into 4 stitch cables and back into 2×2 ribbing, seed stitch that comes out of increases, and that sort of thing.

More Stripes – It amazes me that things can be ribbed, yet not the least bit fitted. I think I’d have the V stop in the middle of my bust – not below. It sort of makes her look like she knit the vest for someone taller and heavier – but that the friend wouldn’t be the model.

Monica – That poor little girl looks so unhappy in the first photo. I wasn’t the kind of little girl who liked this sort of thing, and neither were my friends, but I suppose there are little girls out there who like wearing the super frilly stuff.

Briar Rose – If I knew a little girl, I would totally make her this sweater (in one color). I might even take the cables and put on a sweater for me!

Hey Mickey – I admit – I look at the pictures first, and read the copy second. I thought the pattern was for the socks. I hated skirts as a kid, and I hate knitted skirts now, but I suppose if you’ve got a little girl who likes skirts in your life now, it would be fun to make. But why would you knit an acrylic skirt? At least give it some potential to bounce back after the first wearing.

Vestee – I’m so glad I had hair when I was little, and there are no pictures of me being all hairless with a funny shaped head when I was a toddler. I see the short sleeves/t-shirt. I see the long sleeve/sweater. I see the hood, and the shawl collar. I see no vest anywhere as any part of this sweater. But I suppose Sweateree didn’t have the same ring.

Palette – Pretty. Really, really pretty. But I wonder – are you supposed to block with points (the way the waves face), or are you supposed to block the sides square, and the knitter just did a half assed job?

Dashing – I like the way the cables cross, but having knit fingerless mittens like this before, I can tell just by looking that the bind off pictured is way, way to tight to be functional. Substitute a stretchy bind off (like if you were doing a toe-up sock), and you’ll actually be able to USE your hands.

Paperbag – I LOVE the idea of a bag made of paper yarn, and calling it Paperbag. But I don’t like this paperbag. I can’t put my finger on why, though. Probably the bobbles. Little warts of knitting.

Bauble – Cute. Not something I’d wear, but cute and innovative.

Queen of Cups – Considering MOST socks are written top down, I don’t see why the designer makes a point of noting how she’s obsessed with top down socks. That’s like saying you’re obsessed with sweater knit in 4 (or 5 if a cardi) pieces, from the waist to the shoulder. Regardless, I love the socks, and I’m wondering if I should make them with gray Koigu or purple Rowan Cashsoft 4ply.

Quill Lace – If you make a point of saying that the pattern uses the eye of partridge heel, why not photograph the eye of partridge heel? Also, I wonder if the lace is stretchy enough to keep them up without ribbing. They look awfully loose…

Clessidra – Must have! Right now! Must have! Not a huge fan of all that seed stitch, so I might try the front panel in stockinette instead. Not sure yet. But I’m totally ordering yarn for this project when I get back from Israel.

So that’s 3, maybe 5 things I’d knit from this issue. Considering I liked over half the things in Winter Knitty, and made a grand total of ZERO of them (so far!) that isn’t so bad.

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Story Time with Auntie Amber!

Posted by Amber on February 9, 2007

I’m going to try very very hard not to make my quarterly Interweave review too snarky. This is hard, since I think it was a waste of paper and ink.

Entrelac Socks – Before now, I’ve never had any desire to do entrelac, but now, I want to at once! I will have to find the perfect skirt/shoe pattern to showcase the tassel. The tassel rocks, and must be shown off. But I’m not a skirt or boot-wearer. I guess I’ll have to buy new clothes to match my socks!

Lace and Ribs Tank – I know I usually profess my love for Jodi Green in an inappropriate way, but I’m not feeling the love this time. I don’t need to air condition my midriff, something that long wouldn’t be flattering on me, and while I find the shaping clever, I don’t want my breasts highlighted like that.

Green Tea Raglan – First, I’m going to pretend that belt doesn’t exist. Why would you want a belt? Elsewhere, that’s a lot of seed stitch.

Dollar and a Half Cardigan – I preferred the preview picture where it looked like it was a plain simple brown cardigan. The random bits of different stitch patterns are weird.

Bonsai Tunic – That’s a really ugly vest. I appreciate the fact that the patterning is reversed (scallops point toward each other at the bottom, away from the neck at the top). But it looks like the seam on the upper part is strange, like they were seaming that part from the inside.

Swan Lake Cardigan – Reverse stockinette isn’t my thing. Also not my thing: puffy sleeves. I kind of like the tulle at the edges.

Slanted Neck Pullover – I do not need help making my chest look lopsided. Thanks, though!

Indigo Ripples – I like the ruffle-y bit at the hem, but hatred of knit skirts wins out.

Rose Halter Top – … That’s a really phenomenal waste of yarn.

Clementine Shawlette – I considered figuring out how to make it so that it was only 3 repeats wide (not 5) and longer, to use as a scarf. Then I read that it was worked in two pieces and grafted together. Which really, really sounds like a horrible pain.

Eyelet Rib Bandeau – Okay, work this in the round and attach a cute shrug-style top (a la Tubey) and I think this would be really cute. As it is? Not so much. But good for parents who want to knit for their tweens who want to emulate girls like Micha Barton/Paris Hilton/et al.

Cable Down Raglan – I think I might be the only person on the internet who doesn’t like this one. I like top down raglans, but this one is too busy for me.

Ruffled Surplice – Normally I love ruffles. But I can’t decide if I do or don’t like this pattern. The ambivalence is overwhelming. I think it would probably make my ass look big.

Keyhole Top – Originally I thought I might like this one. Had the possibility of drawing attention to the midriff, but it does have nice shaping. Things it doesn’t have: A back. Sorry, but I don’t want to go out and buy a special bra, just for the one sweater (even if I am willing to buy special shoes and skirts to highlight certain socks). A special bra seems like so much more effort!

Cocktail Capelet – You know how I said Rose Halter was a waste of yarn. I should have read ahead. I’m trying to think of a way in which this could be more useful, but I’m not finding it.

Angela’s Apron – Okay, if you’re going to make a knit apron, do you really want to use $22 yarn? No. Again, I see this as good for parents of tweens. If nothing else, parents who hate their tween dressing like the latest party girl could make this and teen rebellion will automatically kick in – they’ll hate anything that comes in a knitting pattern magazine and declare it uncool, and find a new party good to fixate on.

Petunia Tote – Calls for cotton. Cotton stretches. Putting anything of real weight in there will cause it to sag down past your knees. How is that a useful tote?

Bauhaus Fair Isle – Not a fan of the all over pattern, but I could see myself using that motif in another sweater…

Merry Maiden’s Dress – Essential for princess. Active princess? Not so much. Also, that looks saggy and stretched out in the photos. No wonder the main photos are all “active” (blurry) shots.

Roza’s Socks – I like these. I see myself making them in the near future.

Florentine Pillow – Cute. Not something I’d make, but I like the design.

Camisole #1 – Show of hands, who really wants a column of eyelets right over their nipple? Even if it bedroom wear?

Ann Budd’s Socks – I like these. I also see myself making them in the near future.

Knit Thong – The world did not need another one!

Shrug – Cute, with the sleeves a bit longer I could see it paired with a cute camisole.

Knit Bra – More things that shouldn’t be. I don’t care how novelty it is! And a crochet chain for the straps? Ouch! I just see that digging into the back of your neck.

Camisole #2 – This one looks like she ran out of time and didn’t get to finish. If I were making this, I’d raise the armpits to a normal level, and pick up around the neckline and do a lace pattern of some sort to fill it in, either in a different color or a different yarn all together. As it is – camisole over camisole just makes it look too small.

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Hey Look! New Knitty!

Posted by Amber on December 8, 2006

Center Square – It looks like the wind would cut right through it – look how the stitches pull apart! (16.5 st/ 4 inches — Paton’s Classic Merino on US 11s! When I knit a bag to be felted, I only used 10.5s!) I think I’d figure out a way to retinker it and use 6s, to keep my head toasty.

Calorimetry – I’ve been pondering what I have in my stash I could make this with. I have some artyarns supermerino that might work… If it does, you’ll probably see this right after finals!

Hexed – I like the idea, but dislike the FO. I don’t need a weird, crown-type beret! But I think you could use the idea to make a round cap, possibly using finer yarn to make smaller hexagons, and grafting them together to get them to lie flat. Will ponder.

Antifreeze – I don’t ski (I enjoy looking at the snow from my window, with a mug of hot chocolate, but from what I hear this isn’t a particularly useful or practical item. Maybe if I need to rob a bank when I fail out of grad school, and have to come up with a new source of income to pay my student loans.

Binary – Did you see that this was made with Red Heart Supersaver? Did you see that part? I do like the idea of having a scarf that says “SCARF” like the blanket that says BLANKET.

Argosy – Normally, I only like scarves that are reversible/the same on both sides, so I don’t have many knit scarves. But I really like this one, and I think I have just the yarn for it.

Corazon – Must have! I think I’m going to look more closely at the measurements when I get home, and try and substitute a round toe from “Knitting Vintage Socks” (Nancy Bush) since I don’t like the angled tip. But that shouldn’t be too hard.

Tiffany – That is a really eye searing red there. The red-on-green is kind of hard to look at and really think about, but I think I like these mittens as well. In like, gray on blue or something less retina burning. Probably with ribbed cuffs, too.

Legwarmer Socks – I am confused, and they seam so weirdly bulky. (I had a roommate once who used to wear socks and legwarmers to bed. I had a solution – the heater! But then she’d complain she was too hot, and said I should sleep in a sweat shirt, not a t-shirt, and I said if she took off a layer, she’d probably be just fine. Ahh. College!)

Rolling Thunder – Cute, although I’d omit the beads.

Monkey – It took too many readings of the intro to figure out the name. I clearly can’t brain today, I have the dumb. I also love those shoes, and want a pair!

Eiffel – Not really my thing (I prefer my sweaters not be see-through, and that they keep me warm), but cute. Could probably lose the sleeve bows, and just go for the one under the bust.

Lauren – What a cute way to use handspun! Maybe I will buy some of the handspun on etsy I’ve been eyeing…

Emerald – I really wish I could see the raglan detail – in the first picture it’s dim, the second picture it’s turned away, and the third it hangs so that it folds over! I don’t usually go for big bulky sweaters (I pulled out a store bought one the other day, it really did seem to add inches to my waist), so if the design were cool enough, I might consider retinkering it with smaller yarn. The fourth picture is a little more helpful, but I wish I could clearly see it on a person!

Twinkle Toes – I’m seriously considering making these for a friend I used to take ballet with!

Spanish Dancer – Is it inspired by the slug, or Flemenco? Seems like it would be a very boring knit, what with the miles and miles of garter.

Slingshot – Here’s how this is going to go down: You put the coffee in the holder. It slides down a little, but seems firm enough. You set out for the office. Gravity really kicks in as it hangs, and the strap puts pressure on the lid (as it is clearly doing in the picture!). Lid pops off. No longer supported by lid-on-strap friction, cup slides through the holder, and hits the ground. It just can’t end well. Add a bottom support, or better yet, remember your reusable travel mug!

Babe – I don’t ice skate, but I saw a conversation about this earlier. Apparently it is a good idea (even left unfelted) because the wool will wick away the ice/water, and help prevent rust.

Venezia – Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to knit with beads, but now I wish I had more time between now and this housewarming party, so I could make a set for some friends.

Brownbag – It seems awfully lumpy. I have this great lunch sack (pattern from “Workbasket” magazine, many years ago), made out of canvas, with a piece of plastic canvas in the bottom for stability, it was washable and awesome.

Starsky Jr. – Cute, especially useful for people who are not my grandmother and can’t just randomly resize a sweater so that kid can have a sweater just like Mom’s.

Blended Hues – Cute, although I can think of some perfectly nice variegated yarn where you wouldn’t need three strands. I know babies grow fast, so it can be frustating to knit for them, when they can only wear something a few times. But that poor child is being consumed by the sweater! Make it a little smaller for her!

Piggle – It doesn’t seem like it would keep the poor girl’s head very warm. Also, my family LOVED putting me in pigtails when I was a wee one. When it was winter, they just put them low on the back of my head, so that I could wear a regular hat.

Norberta – Cute (I don’t have much need for toys, so I don’t have much else to say).

Sheldon – Sheldon has a really freakishly large head. I think if I were going to knit a turtle, I’d use the felted kit from Patternworks, where you can get a whole family from one kit.

Book of Kintty – I like the idea of a cute little textured book for kids, although, stitching the names in? Eh. Do something like a plain sock, a plain sweater, a plain hat, and help them learn the names of garments or something. Also, blocking is your friend!

So that’s 12/26 patterns I’d knit (if with some serious modifications/retinkering). That’s pretty awesome!

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Fall 2006 Knitty Review

Posted by Amber on September 11, 2006

Viveka – First off, drop shoulders? Really? Is there anyone who looks good in drop shoulder sweaters? The model (especially in the photo with the bike) doesn’t look so happy. Of course, given the pattern just came out, that photo was probably taken in July…she was probably about to pass out from heat exhaustion! And the ribbing (well, sort of ribbing) at the top of the sleeves is odd. As to the yarn, I always think there’s some shameless self promotion when people design with a yarn they make themselves. Of course, you could sub in any light-worsted weight yarn, but still – aren’t there better ways to get your yarn line’s name out there?

Lucie – Again, with pimping your own yarn. I think the variegatedness would be too much for me, but I do like the neck line.

Cactus Flower – I feel like there’s something wrong with the cowl. I can’t put my finger on it, but still, something just isn’t right.

Ivy – How exactly are wraps more versatile than regular sweaters? That aside, although the sweater isn’t my style, I think it’s a very pretty sweater.

Serrano – I love the hook and eye closure! The rest of the sweater I love too, but I used to have a sweater with hook/eye closures down the front, and it was the bestest cardigan ever! EVER!. The rest of the sweater – I love the lace pattern, love the fact that it’s knit in one piece (well, the body, sleeves, clearly, 2 more pieces), love the cuffs, love the edges. Love, love, love.

Avast – I like this one. You don’t see lots of men’s sweaters that are understated, yet patterned. They’re either heavily cabled, or all stockinette. No nice middle ground. It reminds me a lot of Samus, with a less intense cable.

Sherwood – That’s so cute. A lot of work for something that they’ll grow out of in a very short time, but still, so cute. The sizes are little … odd. Looking over it, the sizes run 2-16 (don’t they usually run by age?) And the measurements run 24 inches to 39 inches. So I could make the largest size of a kids sweater for me, with room to spare.

Intolerable Cruelty – Is there really a market for girls who WANT to put a big giant bow on their ass? I’m just wondering. Someone in another forum speculated that it would be great if you wore it somewhere you never had to sit down.

Little Slip – I think I’ve made my thoughts on felted bags pretty clear in the past. I did like the brief tangent about the toaster oven, along with cautions to do a gauge swatch.

Lizard Ridge – I’m always the first to acknowledge that knitting something yourself costs more than buying it in a store. However. 20+ skeins of Noro Kureyon, going for $9/ball comes up to $180. For a blanket. The ripples kind of remind me of a blanket my grandma knit back in the 70s. Did we really need a new pattern for that? Or was my grandma just a visionary?

Red Herring – I’ve never done a colorwork sock before, seems like the potential for toes getting caught is too great a risk. But in different colors I might really like this sock. With a different heel. That heel looks funny.

Cablenet – So cute! I might not cable the foot part at all (just the leg portion), but I’m definitely making these. At some point.

Sox on 2 Stix – Knitting in the round is not hard. I refuse to acknowledge anyone who caters to people who refuse to try new things.

Diamante – Clean, simple, understated. I like that in sock. I bet these would look really good in a variegated yarn, too.

Ayla – Normally I love all things pink, but I’m very meh here. Perhaps if I had a wee niece, I would understand the desire to carry wee felted backpacks.

Sugar on Snow – I find that most often when I need a knit hat, I also need a scarf. So a smoke ring is better suited to my needs. Plus, I’m opposed to hats that cinch at the top. Bust out the dpns and have a nice clean crown.

Tamarah – I bought the yarn for this during lunch today. About 20 minutes after I saw the pattern. I really wish there was a schematic, showing how triangle 2 sits relative to triangle 1, and so on.

Tiggy Tweed – Makes me like Little Slip. It looks like it hasn’t been blocked, and that’s bothering me.

Back to School – If these were double knit, I bet they’d be pretty cool. But the wrong side is going to look so meh. Also, sugar and cream =/= good for faces. Sugar/Cream is for dishes. I hear cotton chenille is at least a little nicer, although I’ve never felt compelled to knit a face cloth. (And yes, I know just how much sugar and cream softens. After 15+ years, it’s pretty nice. Until then…)

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