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  • November Knit Goals

    I'm prone to being a scatterbrain, so I try to make a short list of things to accomplish each month (lest I have 27 different non matching socks).

    Same as last month: Sleep more. Study more. Knit more. Sleep more.

  • Sweater-a-Month 2008

    Cabled Hoodie: Cascade 220 - Needs seams

    Urban Aran

    Mariah: Ella Rae Classic


    Tubesque: Noro Garden + ???

    CeCe: Silky Wool

    Lucy in the Sky

    Rogue: Handspun - Needs seams

    Elizabeth Zimmermann's Bog Jacket

    Ribbi Cardi: Cotton Ease (Blue/White)

    Ruffled Surplice (spring 07 Interweave): Yard TBD

    Red Carpet Convertible

    Silk Corset Top: Alchemy Synchronicity

    Eyelet Rib Cardi (inspired by Spring 07 Interweave)

    Bella Paquita: Shelridge? Karabella? Sublime?

    A top down set in sleeve sweater (a la Barbara Walker)


    Vintage Pink (Raspberry) Cardigan - FINISHED!!

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Archive for January, 2009

Toe Up Sock Class. Coming soon to a Stitch near you. If you live near Georgetown.

Posted by Amber on January 26, 2009

Now that I’ve taught a few classes, I have better ideas about what I want to do for class. Namely, my sock classes will have plain stockinette option OR stitch pattern of my choice, if you think a stockinette sock would be too boring. But what is my stitch pattern of choice?

Flame Chevron:

Track of the Turtle II:

Flying Chevron:

If you were taking a toe-up DPN sock class, which would you want to knit?


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A serious case of Startitis. And snafus in yarn photography.

Posted by Amber on January 18, 2009

Fun fact about me: I live on the top level of a 3 story walk up.  I have a cute little terrace (that I’m actually terrified of, omg, what if there was a spider on it?!).  But it’s nice and bright and actually great for yarn photography.  If I can convince myself to go out there.

So today I convinced myself it’s been very cold, and the spiders probably died (no one dispute me on this!  I’m still looking for a new psychiatrist, and when I have something for the panic attacks you can tell me how wrong I am).

Right, so I’m outside, taking pictures of yarn on the edge of the terrace, so I don’t have to stoop and everything is nice and at waist level.

And then my ball of Socks that Rock went flying off the edge.  And of course, it couldn’t have been the sock, so I could have just reeled it back up, no.  No, the ball had to be the thing that fell.  So I threw the sock down after it, went downstairs, picked up the ball and the sock, and went back upstairs.  And took the rest of the pictures on the floor of the terrace.

Do you think BrooklynTweed has to put up with this?


Anyway.  I’m suffering a bout of startitis lately.

There’s Icarus, which I actually started back in September.  But I only recently started working on seriously.  I’m up to the border, and it’s taking me about 15 minutes to do each row.

There’s my “bus sock” which I’m so bored with.  And I think it’s too big – which means I need to rip it out, or decide if I want to give my mom another pair of StR socks.  Colorway is Azurite.  I should find something else to knit on the bus, I’ve been working on this sock since early December.

I started a version of “Salina” from Rowan Vintage Knits – I’m going to do it as a raglan (bottom up), and using a slightly heavier yarn (Shelridge Farm Wool-Cotton DK; colorway Denim).  I’ve finished the body and started the first sleeve.

And then because I needed something to do while working at the store, I started a new top down raglan that I’m dubbing Marnie, after Marnie MacLean’s Sam I Am cardigan.  I’m using Aurora 8, the gray I bought years ago and have lost all tags for, the raspberry is color # 1712 and the cream/white is 1350.

A hat using a candle flame motif.  Focusing waaaaay too much on the details, I started in 1×1 ribbing, and through twists, increases, and decreases, I’m having the ribbing flow into the flames over the course of about 6 rounds.  In Yarn Love’s Jane Eyre, Colorway Summer Sangria.

And because all this isn’t enough to keep me busy with classes starting up again on Thursday…

I felt compelled to swatch for Ysolda Teague’s Vivian using Cottage Craft Two Ply that I got at Stitches East (not yet washed, but I think it’s going to work).


And finally, just for fun, a frozen Potomac River:

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