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    I'm prone to being a scatterbrain, so I try to make a short list of things to accomplish each month (lest I have 27 different non matching socks).

    Same as last month: Sleep more. Study more. Knit more. Sleep more.

  • Sweater-a-Month 2008

    Cabled Hoodie: Cascade 220 - Needs seams

    Urban Aran

    Mariah: Ella Rae Classic


    Tubesque: Noro Garden + ???

    CeCe: Silky Wool

    Lucy in the Sky

    Rogue: Handspun - Needs seams

    Elizabeth Zimmermann's Bog Jacket

    Ribbi Cardi: Cotton Ease (Blue/White)

    Ruffled Surplice (spring 07 Interweave): Yard TBD

    Red Carpet Convertible

    Silk Corset Top: Alchemy Synchronicity

    Eyelet Rib Cardi (inspired by Spring 07 Interweave)

    Bella Paquita: Shelridge? Karabella? Sublime?

    A top down set in sleeve sweater (a la Barbara Walker)


    Vintage Pink (Raspberry) Cardigan - FINISHED!!

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But I don’t want to stop!

Posted by Amber on November 2, 2008

Loving these!  I’m using some Lang Jawoll (navy blue) I got in a swap ages ago, and the white is plain old Regia 4-ply, and size 0 (2mm) addi turbos.  They’re a little snug, but I’m willing to bet they’ll grow when I give them a bath.

I don’t want to stop, but my hands are hurting, I’m starving (all I’ve eaten to day is an apple, I didn’t want to stop knitting to make lunch!) and I have to do homework.  But man, I really want to work on these!

2 Responses to “But I don’t want to stop!”

  1. BethC said

    Totally ordered yarn to make these…

  2. judy said

    The voice of reason/experience says: you need to stop, at least for the night. It’s that or you’re not knitting for more than a few hours! What you’ve got looks good!

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