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    I'm prone to being a scatterbrain, so I try to make a short list of things to accomplish each month (lest I have 27 different non matching socks).

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    Vintage Pink (Raspberry) Cardigan - FINISHED!!

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Karma: A bitch. Like me.

Posted by Amber on March 2, 2008

Two people have called me a bitch since Friday and I began Saturday by flipping off Marie (who owns the store where I work).

You see, on Friday I was crossing the street as I left Starbucks, at the crosswalk at a stop sign.  There are no cars at the intersection (4 way stop), but one car approaching from my left, but still 15ish feet away.  So I head out into the street to get to the other side.  Forcing oncoming car to STOP at the STOP SIGN.  After I’m past his car, he rolls down his window to yell:

“Bitch! Next time I’m going to hit you!”

Because, again, I was crossing legally in the crosswalk at the stop sign.

(The other guy who called me a bitch was today, Sunday morning.  He was blocking the handicapped spot with his BMW – not that I needed it, but on principle – and basically being an ass because the way his car was positioned it prevented traffic from being able to go both ways. (And there were plenty of spaces available.)  After I parked as I was walking past I hit the hood of his car as hard as possible with my fist and cursed him for blocking the spot.  This Starbucks has a lot of elderly people and they shouldn’t have been blocking the space.  He called me a bitch and I called him some other names.)

But yesterday (Saturday) I’ve still got Friday’s jackass on the brain.  So I’m at the same corner, but crossing to go to Starbucks, to get some coffee before I go work at the Leap Weekend Sale.  I’m about 3/4 of the way across the street and a car approaching on my right honks at me.  And I’m so pissed because DUDE, I have the right of way and I was in the walk long before you reached the stop sign and how DARE YOU?

So I flip the person off, as I’m turning around to shout FUCK YOU!  And I see that Marie is smiling and waving happily from behind the wheel (so glad the kids weren’t with her!!)  She rolled down the window and says “Amber, are you flicking me off?!”  And I explained the guy on Friday, and she totally understood and we had a good laugh about it (when I called the Capitol Hill store later that day to check on a yarn I hear her say to the other person working there “Is that Amber? I’m not talking to her!” but in a funny, teasing sort of way.)

So where does Karma fit into all of this (besides my low sales total on Saturday; when I told my mom she said “Well, maybe if you didn’t flip off the customers they’d buy yarn!”)?  Well, let me ask.  Do you see something odd in this picture (click for large photo):

What about here?

If you said “Hey, you have two balls from different dye lots, and you’re doing two rows from each ball to try and minimize the obviousness” then you win … the Captain Obvious Prize.  (If you said “What?  What is it?!  I don’t see anything!” You win my undying love and affection.  If you said “Well, I didn’t see it, but now that you point it out I can’t unsee it!” I don’t like you anymore.  There’s a tree diagram in there somewhere…)

Anyone have a spare ball of Ella Rae Silkience, color 7, dye lot 91754 they’d be willing to part with?  I have two in a different dye lot, or a metric tonne of other yarns.  Or money.  Or cookies.  Or all of the above!

ETA: Correct dye lot found via eBay.  Yay!  No yay for realizing I knit at least one, and possibly both front pieces to be one inch longer than the back.  Will be at home crying in my cherrios tonight.

One Response to “Karma: A bitch. Like me.”

  1. Abby said

    What? What is it?! I don’t see anything!

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