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Operation Koigu Freedom

Posted by Amber on August 29, 2007

So Canada made me stupid.  Really, really stupid.  So stupid, I forgot I had a blog.  (Not really, but I did forget I drive a standard transmission; couldn’t tell the difference between left and right; forgot how metric worked…)

The drive to NYC was lots of fun – rained most of the way, so I changed the state motto of Pennsylvania to No Visibility!  The Jersey Turnpike was lovely, however.  So well signed!  Such bright and reflective paint!

It also rained all the way to Canada.  Which helped with my average driving speed (I have a tendency to detour, but not so much in the rain, because who wants to stop in the rain?)  We made it from NYC to Hanover (560 miles) in 13 hours.  Which is longer than the predicted 9 hours and 20 minutes… but is still really good for me.

We did have fun at the boarder crossing.  We pull up to the booth, handover our passports (which the guy didn’t even stamp!) and well…

Him: Were are you going?

Me: Durham!

Him: What’s in Durham?

Me: A company that dyes this really awesome yarn.

Him: Why would you want to go there?

Me: We like the yarn.

Him: You like to yarn?

Me: No, we like the yarn.  We are knitters, we enjoy knitting.  Particularly with this yarn.

Him: Do you have anything that you’ve knit?

Me: Sure.  [Abby grabs her bag and pulls out the lower corner of her Revolution sweater].  Here you go! [handing it to him]

Him: What’s it going to be?

Abby: A sweater.

Him: How will this be a sweater?

Abby: It’s the lower part here, and when it’s long enough I add arms.

Him: Won’t it shrink when you wash it?

Me: Not if you’re careful and don’t agitate it while it’s wet.

Him: You ladies have a nice time in Canada.

Abby and I were so busy laughing about how his test as to whether or not we were really knitters was knowing how not to shrink stuff (is it stereotyping to assume most Canadians own sweaters and likely know how to wash woolens -sweaters, hats, scarves, etc- without shrinking them?) that we pulled up to a tollbooth and the arm didn’t go up.  Which confused me – I have EZPass!  Tollbooth arms have been swinging up automatically for me for two days! I’m talking to Abby about what could be wrong when I turn and see the tollbooth operator about to knock on my window.  It turns out they don’t take EZPass in Canada. 

Wednesday we hung out with Buffy & Co at Shelridge Farm, which was awesome.  I picked up yarn for the Tangled Yoke Cardi, along with lots of sock yarn and some lace weight.  And we got some Brand X yarn!  Just like Shelridge Farms, but a little over/underspun.  So it isn’t Shelridge.  It’s Brand X.  Then we went to Toronto – stopped at a wee shop called Woolies on the way there (can’t say I recommend; although I did pick up some nice hand dyed 50/50 mohair/wool.  The store was just an odd cross between an AC Moore and a cheaper LYS.  They had some nice stuff – the hand dyed, some Filatura di Crosa – and moderate stuff like online sock yarn, regia … but then, a huge wall of patons acrylics.)   We got into Toronto mid-afternoon, stopped by the home of the people we’d be staying with (parents of classmate).  Then we got to take the subway to Lettuce Knit!

Lettuce Knit was very nice.  The yarn spills out into the courtyard!  I got some Oceanwinds Merino iii, Fleece Artist Seawool, Socks that Rock (not made in Canada, but still, not really sold on the East coast!), some Nature’s Palatte fingering weight (it was pretty…) and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop (it was right there!)  I tried to limit myself to Canadian yarns … I was mostly successful.  Then we got directions to an awesome vegan place called Urban Herbivore.  If you’re ever in Toronto — go!  Even if you’re not vegan/vegitarian. It was so good!  (And normally I hate vegan places – I find them underseasoned and pretentious.)  So much thanks to … Denny? @ Lettuce Knit for the awesome recommendation.

The next day we set off to go back to NYC … and some how the 500 mile return trip still took us 13 hours.  Hard to explain the time/distance warp, really. 

Pictures were scarce – I was driving and with the constant rain (Abby and I are only vacationing to drought stricken countries from now on!) the scenary wasn’t all that great.  But there were a few, handily put together in this little captioned slideshow.

 In differently stupid, I’m bad at math.  Which is bad, considering classes start tonight.  (Can I say statistics isn’t really math?).  I’ve been working on Something Red Mauve.  And even though the pattern notes say that the size I’m making takes 7 balls of yarn @ 150 yards (1050 yards) I only felt compelled to buy 658 yards.  282 more is on the way … bringing me up to 940.  Smart I tell you.  S.M.R.T Smart!

One Response to “Operation Koigu Freedom”

  1. Amber said

    hummmm…..maybe the Canadian air got to you! Welcome back! I am happy to read that mission was successful. Congrats. :)

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