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Interweave Fall 2007

Posted by Amber on August 3, 2007

Yay! My Interweave came today! A big improvement over Summer when it didn’t come until the last week in May (not that I have made anything. But still! I’m a subscriber, I should get it before the stores do!)

So this is another issue I don’t see myself making much from. Although the info on organic yarns was interesting.

Hedgerow Coat: I don’t like the way those garter stitch bars.  It’s all I see!  Also, I’d add button holes and buttons.  Silver ones I think.

Placed Cable Aran: I think I’d run the cables all the way down the sweater… I’m not a fan of purls just popping up out of no where.  And I’d do a folded over turtleneck instead of the cowl.

Dickinson Pullover:  I would love to knit this.  I’d never wear it, but I’d love to knit it.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t like heavy cabled sweaters, and that’s okay with me.  I do find them terribly fun to knit, however.  Of course, then I’d feel guilty about not finishing, because why finish a sweater I’d never wear?  But I’d still love to make it.

Tangled Yoke Cardigan: Must have.  I lusted over it way back in the day, and I’m lusting over it now, and I’m pawing through my stash to figure out what would work for it.  Or contemplating what I should buy (it calls for a yarn with alpaca.  No love for alpacas).

Tyrolean Stockings: I like the pattern, but not the thickness (6 spi).  I might figure out how to work at a smaller gauge.

Concentric Vest: Not a fan.  It seems short, and bulky without being warm.  I mean, there’s no closure, no sleeves, and looks like it cuts off right under the bust.  How often do you find your breasts, but not arms or waist to be chilly?!

Snowball hat: I have a soft spot in my heart for cabled hats.  But I didn’t really need a pattern for one.  I’d also eliminate the pompom, which makes it less snowball, and more plain old snow.

Tilted Duster:  Someone called this the giant purple vagina, and now I can’t see anything else.  I find the way it buttons on the side to be odd, like, I’d always be pulling it around myself to stay warm.  And most importantly: how is it not curling on that lower edge??

Minimalist Cardigan: That is a lot of moss stitch.  A lot.  And again, you’d have to pull it around yourself to stay warm.  Why no closures IK?  Why no closures?

Counterpane Pullover: Vogue Knitting has a pattern just like this in their 25th anniversary issue. It’s okay, but I’m not a fan of all that garter.  And the eyelets, the way they don’t go over her shoulder, but right through the shoulder.  That would bother me.

Nomad Hat and Scarf: A good way to make sure you don’t loose any part, I suppose.  I don’t really like the rounds of garter stitch.  Maybe if they zigzagged?

Cinnabar Pullover:  I wonder if I’d have liked the original sketches.  I’m not a fan of this one.  I think it’s the neckline, it’s the wrong size.  Not fitted like most crew necks, not open like a boatneck or cowl.  Just … meh.  But I like how the linen stitch doesn’t look so different from the stockinette, and keeps the cuffs from rolling.  I might use that myself somewhere.

Elfin Hat and Scarf Set: I’m pretty sure no one really wears hats like that.  And it doesn’t look like it would really curl, so why the ribbing on the ends of the scarf making it look all funky?

Leavened Raglan:  That’s an interesting stitch pattern.  I don’t know that I’d make the sweater, but it’s interesting.

Belle Cardigan: Jess with no blog really likes this.  I like the shape, just not the yarn or texture.  So I’m going to make Jolie by Kim Hargraves (Rowan Vintage Knits) since it has the same basic shape going on and let Jess have the Twinkle Chunky all to herself.

Luna Dress: I’m looking into my crystal ball…I see the year 2037… I see kids on the future version of the internet mocking this, no so unlike Threadbear or Stitchy McYarnpants.  Also, those are some damned puffy sleeves.  Does the model have some sort of wrist goiter she needs to hide?

Little Red Dress: See Luna Dress.  Two knit dresses in one issue.  The fuck, Eunny?

Cobblestone Pullover: If I were to make a sweater for a guy, I’m not sure I’d go with this one.  It’s not bad (love the side detail to break it up a little), and IK has published far worse men’s sweaters, it’s just… I don’t know.  Maybe I would make it for someone else.  Maybe I just don’t like it in brown.  Maybe someone will knit it in gray, and I’ll be like WOW!

Snowflake Socks:  At least they chose nice colors.  I’m going to go remove this from my ravelry queue.  Shepard Sport? Basically doubled for the colorwork? How would you get that into a shoe?!  Use a hat for intro to colorwork.

Sweetheart Vest: My hips are not the place where I’d want to draw attention with some colorwork.  I’d retinker it to be worked with sport weight yarn (along with not needing colorwork around my hips, I don’t need a 3.5 spi sweater).  I’d move the motif up around my bust, add some waist shaping, make the main color dark and then I think I’d like this.

Composed Mitts: An excellent way to use up bits of yarn.  Not an excellent way that I’d make or wear, but an excellent way to use up bits of yarn.

Mirepoix Bodice: I don’t like the bisecting nature of the way it is now, but I think with a V neck, and using the colorwork all over I’d really like this.  Which would be a lot of effort.  But I really think I’d like it.

Staff Projects (Socks): There’s none that catch my eye, but maybe when I start seeing them online with feet in them.

So the Tangled Yoke is a definite, and everything else is a meh. Of course, I’ve knit very few things from IK, even when there are issues I really like (Spring 2007!) so it isn’t that bad. On the other hand, it isn’t like how people shrug off Knitty and say “Well, you get what you pay for!” because I actually pay (I feel) a fair amount, and I want to want to make … more than half of the patterns, you know?


2 Responses to “Interweave Fall 2007”

  1. judy said

    I thought the color scheme on the cover was a bit weird. Still confused over what is part of the magazine pattern offerings and what is part of the advertisements.

  2. Bronwyn said

    I’ll be making the red dress as a sweater… I love the top and the neckline, in black and cropped at the hip it would be a sexed-up version of the winter turtleneck.

    I’m making the Minimalist Cardi right now and really liking it. I joined it into one piece (seaming moss stitch, ugh) and the stitch pattern is so easily memorized that I can knit and surf the internet, yet not get totally bored. I also like the Placed Cables, though I think the shot of the back (showing the neckline) is very fugly; just put those stitches onto a holder and find some way to integrate those cables! As is it looks as if there was no planning for that part. (I didn’t like all the bulky knits either, though I think the Dickinson pullover is pretty. I just won’t wear it, TOO hot and takes me back to the whole sweaters-with-leggings phase of my childhood!)

    And yes, Tangled Yoke is next in line. I love it, but I wanted to knit an aran-weight first (which the M.C. is) so I’d be sure to have one finished sweater going into fall.

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