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OMG! New Knitty!

Posted by Amber on June 12, 2007

Hip in Hemp – I usually don’t get knit skirts, but (shhhh!) I kind of like this one.  But doesn’t hemp get saggier and saggier as it wears?  Anyway, I think I’d do mine in two colors (like, white and blue) and alternate the stripes a bit (like, 3 blue, 3 white, 3 blue, 3 white, 6 blue, 3 white, 3 blue 6 white… and so on) just to make it a little different. 

Zinzin – Hey – Olga works at Stitch DC!  Yay for Olga!  I love all the shaping details, but would never in a million years be confident enough to wear this out of the house.  I needs my bra!  And what if a tie came loose?  However, adding a complete back with some ties over that to cinch it up – that I could get behind.  Think of the ties on Intolerable Cruelty. 

Coachella – Now that is an interesting construction for a top!  I don’t know that I could wear it (why are so many special bras needed for knit tops??), but I love the idea.  I like the drape in the front, but the more I look at the back, the more I think I’d like it as a halter top.  Not that I wear halter tops, but still. 

Askew – I um… I like the idea of the line and the slight asymmetry, I just don’t really need a shirt that points … there.    

Tangerine Twist – I kind of like this.  I think I’d do the collar a little different, and maybe do lace instead of garter to offset the cable.  And it would go straight down or have waist shaping, rather than taper (I think as is, it would really highlight my hips.  Now, I [heart] my hips as much as the next Shakira loving girl, but I don’t think a tapered shirt is the way to go about expressing my love for them). 

Sophie – This reminds me a lot of the old pattern The Cherries.  But with a higher neck and some detailing.   

‘Vog On  –  I like the pattern.  Not so much the cuff, but I really like the stitch pattern.  And the shoes.  Love the shoes.  Next time I’m in NYC I’m totally dragging my friends around to find the store that sells them so I can try them on.  As for the socks, I’d do a picot cuff rather than picot cast on.   

Coupling – Another stitch pattern I like.  Although I didn’t need to know about that survey. 

Breeze – And another stitch pattern I like! But I’d make the socks a little taller, for all seasons wear. 

Sweetpea – Another stitch pattern I like!  They’re everywhere in this issue.  But I’d just start with 60 stitches, and have a cleaner looking cuff.  I think I’m going to make these with some Claudia Handpaint I have at home. 

Unmentionables – I was going to be all snarky about knit pants, except that last winter when my heater went all wonky and I was always freezing, I’d think to myself “My wool hat is making my head warm.  And my wool socks are keeping my toes warm.  And my wool sweater is keeping my upper body warm.  And my wool mittens are keeping my hands warm.  And my ass is freezing.”  I doubt I’d use cotton fleece, but I won’t completely discount making the pants a little longer and having wool pants next winter.  But just for inside my house.  Not for cavorting outside. 

Wisp – Reminds me of Convertible but niftier.  I really like the cowl/smoke ring style.    

Prickly-girl – Sweetie, sit up straight.  You only have one back and you have to make it last!  Anyway, it’s not like I have a kid to knit for, but it’s still cute. 

Zodiac – If doctors say that the crib should be free of hazards during sleep, why does your kid have a stuffed lamb in there?  Also, I’ll bet money that this pattern causes a rukus among Attachment style parents who think it’s best for kids to sleep in bed with parents. 

Grow with me – Doesn’t the “baby” size just look like it doesn’t fit her?  Like, it will eat her in a minute?  I have my own hang ups with body image from wearing clothes that didn’t fit right when I was a kid (like, age 10, not age 1, but still) because I’d get these crazy growth spurts.  Here’s a good way to fix the problem of kids growing faster than you can knit: Don’t knit for them.  Or knit them toys.  Who doesn’t like toys?  Or knit a lot to improve your speed so that if it’s so important that you make them stuff, you can knit it in a size that fits and you can make it fairly quickly.  But just make it for the kid to wear for a while when she’s 2, and don’t try to adjust it to “fit” (it doesn’t) when she’s smaller. 

Grrr – Some people treat me like I’m not a real knitter because I don’t knit many household items (I’ve knit pillows, that’s it).  Everything else I make is a wearable (sweater, hat, mitten, sock). So if I had a kid and needed to make bath time exciting, I’d get them a Poof with a Toy Built In and call it a day (I had such a deprived childhood – I was expected to take a bath without a fight with just a washcloth and maybe 1 rubber ducky). 

Chapeau Marnier – Cute.  I usually prefer ribbing on my hats, but I could go for a bow.  Now, to spin a consistent fingering weight!   


2 Responses to “OMG! New Knitty!”

  1. judy said

    Keep spinning! I like Olga’s pattern but I would need an occassion to wear it. I liked Coachella until I saw the picture where it was lying out flat. I don’t know how I feel about the racer back. It almost feels like it’s…cheating.

  2. Robin said

    Your review on the latest Knitty is hilarious. I really didn’t want to knit any of those patterns this time!

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