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Planning for Another Sweater

Posted by Amber on March 31, 2007

I haven’t updated about knitting in ages. You see, I got a little sick while on vacation. Tomorrow will be two weeks of being sick, so yesterday I went to the doctor. He confirmed that I have a cold. A bad cold, but just a cold.

In knitting news: I just got my copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Knitting Around” in the mail. Must. Make. Everything!

First. I have to have The Bog Jacket like, right now. I saw this one online some time ago, and it really caught my eye. I want mine to have be multi-color though (like the one here, on the lower left). At first I wasn’t sure about garter stitch (it’s so … gartery), but then I thought “Hey, the Mermaid jacket is garter stitch, but really pretty.” Of course, the Mermaid Jacket is knit at 7-8 stitches per inch. Which is pretty small (let’s see, 39″ at 7.5 st/inch is 293 stitches. And that means something a little shy of 600 rows. That’s a lot of garter stitch). Sure, I could go with dk or worsted weight (5.5 st/in – 215 st, and 4.5 st/in is 176), but then it looks so gartery looking.

Okay, so sizing issues aside, colors! I love the gray-white-black one (cited above). But how? I know EZ is pithy and all, but would it kill her to include some specs on making ones just like the pictures? (So some fun with a sketchpad later, I think I’d knit 5″ plain, a row or two in black, and then about 10 inches in my contrast color. Or maybe 6.5″ plain and 7″ in contrast. So confusing!)

Other considerations. So I know I need to shorten it up (my longer sweaters are about 15″ from armpit to hem), and lengthen the sleeve (although, I don’t see why she says to use “about 12%” more stitches. (For me) underarm to wrist is 18″. As written, it would measure 10″ so I need 8 more inches. (Or 7 and then do 1″ of garter in the reverse direction.) So I’d add X st/inch x 8 inches (which is about 20%). The waist shaping is easy enough to add (love(!) the faux seam), the shoulder short rows confuse me just a bit. Maybe they’ll make more sense as they’re being knit?

And so many yarn options. I have O-Wool (earmarked for the Top Down Raglan Along, but I like it, and could get more). Stitch DC is also now stocking Ella Rae Classic (100% wool – 220 yards for $7) – and they have Mission Falls. All lovely worsted options. For something lighter… maybe knitpicks’ Telemark? I haven’t worked with that before, and usually I prefer merino, but I like the colors. If I got really wild and crazy with the fingering weight I could try knitpicks’ Gloss (or the Bare Merino/Silk – still fingering weight, but 440 yards (for $6.60, compared to Gloss 220 yards/$4) – and then I could dye it myself so I could have something pastel-y). I could do a lilac body with white stripe and dark purple accents.

Or, I could be smart and tell myself that I won’t get to this sweater until at least May – so I should wait and pick something up at Maryland Sheep and Wool – only a month away!

(Oh, and the second must have: Seamless Yoke with Henley collar, then some mittens, and maybe a pi are square shawl.)

2 Responses to “Planning for Another Sweater”

  1. knitfriendly said

    Yeah! A knitting update! :) I was beginning to think that you had fallen off the earth. I hope that you feel better soon. I am glad to read that you went to the Dr. and it is just a cold. I love EZ. She was a knitting genius. How is Rogue going? Also, did you get my email about MDSWF?

  2. judy said

    Ya, I went to see cute doctor after 2 weeks and was also told I only had a cold. Wished I could go back to see him again! Also, glad to see a knitting update!

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